Julie Booksh
Counselor • Spiritual Coach
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I teach people how to cut through the BS that minimizes, reduces, labels or traps them. I teach people to meet and embrace more of their unique wisdom so they can live a life that is meaningful and true to them.
“There is a still and loving Presence within you and at the same time beyond you. Call it the Universe.
Call it the Divine or your True Nature. It doesn’t care what you call it. It is calling you!”

– Julie Booksh

Free On Demand Class – Inner Mercy: Living with more Ease

Mercy helps you be more loving to yourself. If you are really hard on yourself even when and especially when you struggle, then this class is for you. The practice of Mercy helps you create a safety within yourself. It increases your awareness of how you treat yourself and helps give you the care and reverence you deserve. How you treat yourself when you struggle is very important on any healing journey. Mercy is a necessary tool.



The Wisdom of Anger & Pitfalls of Forgiveness Zoom Class (Coming Soon)


Intro to Working with Body Symptoms (Coming Soon)