People often say to me, “Julie this is so different that any other therapy I’ve ever had. What exactly is it that you do?”. Words aren’t totally capable of capturing the experience, but words are all I have. My focus is Body-Oriented Therapy and Process-Oriented Work. There is always an intuitive process unfolding as well – yours and mine. In just about every session I teach the Art of Allowance, which is completely new to most people and might be the most powerful piece of our work. It is an art that opens the gate of unfolding. Avoiding emotions has never quite gotten us anywhere but stuck, yet this is what we are taught in one way or another. When you learn to allow (and there are many ways to do this) an unfolding happens and a direction appears. You discover the wisdom waiting for you.

I am deeply in tune with what your body is saying even though it may be different from the words coming out of your mouth. Some people say I am a wisdom teacher, but really I am a mirror reflecting your wisdom – the wisdom that is naturally there. It is hidden in plain view. It simply takes opening yourself to a new way of seeing.

Our work together requires honesty. You are honest with me, and I am honest with you even when it is hard. In my office, things aren’t avoided just because they are hard. Don’t worry; they aren’t forced either. If you are anything like me, you have forced yourself often enough to be quiet or act a certain way. Force doesn’t work. Flow is what we are going for here. Your body is the compass.

You are often so busy trying to feel a certain way that you skip right over how you actually do feel for the sake of what you should feel or what others and the world dictate. Many people have been doing this so long, they aren’t even sure how they really feel. They just know they are tired.

No more skipping over you. In my office, what you feel is what you feel. Your feelings are honored. You feelings take us to where we need to go. When you do, wisdom unfolds; direction is revealed. You will discover a profound body of wisdom that is always with you. It is time for you. It is time to get empowered.