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In this free 30 minute video I'll explain how we unintentionally block transformation and what you can do about. This video begins with a simple and profound centering technique for you to experience. Spend this 30 minutes with me and empower yourself. You will:

  • Feel more centered
  • Deepen your connection with your inner knowing
  • Expand your way of thinking and being
  • Have more confidence in dealing with things you avoid
  • Gain a greater sense of emotional freedom- the foundation of all freedom

I have presented in various corporations, motivational summits and private groups. I would love to have the opportunity to share these life changing philosophies and techniques with you now.

Here's some feedback from participants of my workshops:

"Everybody needs a Julie!"
"Julie gets right to the heart of things."
"She is consistent in her ability to provoke thought, action and even laughter."
"Julie's style is refreshingly honest!"
"Her message is profound, and she provides hands on experience that can be used immediately!”

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