Find Your Peace Pop Up Session

Date: Monday, September 25, 2017
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Location: Margot European Day Spa
Price: $35.00 – half of this cost will go to DRAW helping those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Has the world been stressing you out lately?

This reality is a challenging place to be lately. In addition to regular day to day stress which can be hard enough there are outbursts of hate, terror, storms, fires, earthquakes and more. It has been a really unsettling time, and now it’s time to process what’s happening and settle yourself. Please join me for a night of conversation and relaxation.

Cost $35 – half of cost per person will go to DRAW – a local non-profit doing great work helping those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Join me for an evening of conversation and relaxation. Decompress from the current chaos and find peace in the middle of it all.


When You Hate the Haters

Let’s face it, when you see people show up with torches and Nazi flags professing their hate it can ignite anger, hate, disgust and a host of other emotions in you. How can you handle these emotions responsibly?

First, be mindful. When you see images of angry torch bearing protestors you may think, “What is wrong with these people? They are so ignorant, uncultured or evil.” Yes, it is awful, but we can’t stop there. What are you really saying? Are you saying you are smarter, more evolved and better? Are you saying they are beneath you and you are superior? Superiority is superiority. Yours is not better than theirs. This mentality is the root of the problem in the first place. We have to do better. We have to look deeper at this.

If you spend a few seconds on social media, you are quickly immersed in people telling other people what they need to do about this. You see people pointing fingers in every direction, which actually gets us nowhere. All it does is relieve the ones pointing the fingers from doing anything about it. Blames tricks people into believing they are powerless. The fact is there is something each of us can do about it, and it might be the last thing most people are actually willing to do – deal first and foremost with your own feelings. No one else is responsible for your feelings. They may be responsible for their behaviors, but your feelings are yours. Spewing them all over social media, the office or your home might feel good for a minute, but venting is much different from healing.

There is power in anger, which is why feeling angry can feel good. It is also why it can be addictive. Think about it. When you don’t own your anger and decide it is always someone else’s fault you feel righteous and superior. It feels powerful, but that power always requires making someone else wrong. Just ask the protestors in Charlottesville.

What does it mean to own your anger? In my office it means expressing anger unfiltered and on purpose. This is incredibly challenging for people. They like to jump right into analyzing and fixing and right over being with what they actually feel. What they don’t understand at first is the fix is in the feeling.

Noticing what is here now and being present with that takes learning and practice. I invite people to say whatever they want regardless of how petty, mean or childish it may sound. This is when they drop the act completely and have one goal: to be real and raw. We pause, notice and feel deeper into moments. Old wounds that need to be mourned might show up. They might meet face-to-face with a situation in which they feel oppressed that needs attention and action. The experience is different for each person, and it is often surprising.

I must tell you being with yourself this way requires bravery. I am thankful to those who embark on this type of journey. They are moving themselves forward and in the process inching the world forward. Peace in the world is actually an inside out kind of job. The war within is where you begin. Are you brave enough to go there? Will you do your part in moving the world forward?

Forgiveness IS NOT Required

Date: Monday, July 31, 2017
Time: 7:00 – 9pm
Location: Margot European Day Spa
Price: $250.00

How many times have you heard, “In order to heal you must forgive!”?

But what if trying to forgive is keeping you STUCK? Join me for a powerful night and discover how the pressure to forgive can keep you stuck and what you can do instead. It’s time for real healing.

Space is available for 12 people. Reserve your seat today.

Join Us For A Special Event With Julie Booksh

Date: Friday June 2, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 8:30pm
Location: Artloft Downtown Birmingham
Price: Free

Body Focused Counselor and Motivational Speaker Julie Booksh Presents at Artloft Event Featuring Shopping, Food, Fun and a New Way at Looking at Your Mind-Body Connection

Artloft in Downtown Birmingham will be opening its doors for a first ever, FREE event designed to improve the mind, soul and body while featuring fun and shopping. On Friday, June 2nd from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, learn an energy psychology technique which combines conventional and Eastern wisdom. Learn more about this and get hands on tips showing how to use it with Licensed Professional Counselor and Motivational Speaker, Julie Booksh.

Julie is an expert with a strong focus on Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Process-Oriented work. She also has studied Reiki and Energy Psychology.

There is no fee for this event, which includes light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments and 20% discounted shopping on most items. Come meet with Julie to understand how you can better connect to yourself to live a clearer and healthier life. “I see people go from hopeless to empowered just by making the connection. I help teach this everyday and I look forward to helping you,” Booksh says.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend, call Artloft at (248) 647-4007. Visit Artloft website.

Learning Your Body's Language

Date: Monday’s of May – May 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd
Time: 6:30 – 8pm
Location: Margot European Day Spa
Price: $150.00

Join me for this four-week series and step into a whole new level of stress reduction and problem solving. Your body is always communicating with you. Take time to hear its wisdom. You will connect more deeply to your true self and discover the direction that is hidden in plain view. Rather than getting mere information, you will be practicing techniques for real transformation.

Learn how to:

• Transform pain into power.
• Release limiting beliefs around money, health, relationships, emotions and more that are holding you back.
• Find freedom from the chatter of your mind and the deluge of “shoulds” constantly bombarding you.
• Feel more peace in the midst of life’s chaos.
• Live with courage and confidence even in challenging situations.

This series will be held in the relaxed atmosphere of Margot European Day Spa. We will meet from 6:30 – 8pm on the first four Monday’s of May – May 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd.

This series is being offered at an introductory price of $150.00.

Living Off-Script

Location: Julie’s office in Birmingham
Price: $1200.00

This extensive VIP experience will be custom built to address your specific goals. You will put on a new lens for looking at things and discover the direction that is hidden in plain view. Rather than getting mere information, you will be practicing techniques for real transformation. Expand your way of thinking and being. Expand your life.

  • Transform pain into power.
  • Release/clear the limiting beliefs around money, health, relationships, emotions and more that are holding you back.
  • Find freedom from the chatter of your mind and the deluge of “should’s” constantly bombarding you.
  • Freedom from being pulled here and there and all around by constant noise and emotions.
  • Feel more peace in the midst of life’s chaos.
  • Live confidently off-script.
  • Living in alignment with your core values and beliefs.


  • Six hours at Julie’s office in Birmingham, MI or two 3-hour Skype calls
  • Two 1-hour follow-ups
  • MP3 of custom meditation

Cost: Regular $1600.00 – Buy now and pay $1200.00 (a 25% discount) through Monday, March 6, 2017 at midnight. Offer is limited to the first 15 people. For more information or to book your one-day extensive, call 248-864-2123 or email

How to Deal with Election Anxiety

This election has many people feeling stressed out. Check out this piece featuring yours truly on Fox 2 Detroit for tips on how to handle election stress.

An Open Letter To My Body

Dear Body,

I sometimes still treat you as something to conquer instead of the friend and guide that you are. I promise I am really getting this more and more. And even though I had the realization that I looked at you as something to conquer quite a while ago, I still fell into the familiar pattern of judging your messages as problems instead of seeing them as messages from you. You are the one who has always been with me – the one who is with me more than any other.

As my ally, you are constantly letting me know what works and what doesn’t. You are constantly showing me what needs attention. As much improvement as I have made in listening to you, there are still times I shut you up. I tried to convince you that the issue had been fixed when you knew better. As a matter of fact, what I perceived as an issue wasn’t even that; it was an attempt on your part to communicate. You never gave up though. You never stopped telling me. I am grateful for that and know my actions didn’t always show it. I am grateful that my learning here continues in large part because of your persistence and because of my willingness to expand myself.

I am committed to continued growth in this area. I am committed to expanding my awareness and paying closer attention to your messages a little sooner. I will give you more attention instead of putting my busyness first or trying to shut you up because some expert gave me the solution. My God, how many times have I told you to be quiet because an expert had the answer? No more, my friend.

You have showed me so many things. Remember years ago when I used to drag you to work when you were clearly telling me that wasn’t a good idea. Remember when I was forcing so called healthy foods down your throat when you were telling me no. I’m so glad I’ve gotten clearer. Remember when I was forcing dozens of supplements down your throat. Man, you made that one so clear, and I still did it for over a year. I kept doing it all because someone, check that, many people knew better. At least that is what I told myself and you.

What about the times I would feel guilty for taking a nap or the times I said no to a nap because I bought the lie that those were unproductive. HA! Oh and sexuality, how many lies did I buy about that! Thank you for setting the record straight. You have taught me so much. You told me when I was working too many hours and putting too many things or people before me. You let me know when I had emotions that needed space for expression. Sometimes I put you through hell. You had to use some tough measures because I didn’t acknowledge your initial messages. Remember when I wouldn’t speak up because I didn’t want to seem rude or difficult even though you were clearly uncomfortable. My sincere apologies, dear Body.

You even taught me not to beat myself up about the times I didn’t hear or ignored your messages. You made it clear that beating me up doesn’t resonate at all with you. I couldn’t pay someone enough to teach me what you have taught me, and I sure as hell tried. Thank you, Body. I am here, and I am listening.